All in one marketplace for travel businesses!

ClaritySSO platform enables a unique and multi-layer distribution capability to sell content to travel agencies, travel agents and further travel agencies, travel agents can sell to the end customers.

  • Technology– Clarity Travel Solutions Inc is a licensed travel technology company located in Ontario, Canada. Technology experts in building robust, flexible and future-ready travel solutions for Airlines and OTA’S .
  • Industry– We are catering to the needs of travel operators globally with state of art technology. We offer a marketplace for consolidators, travel agencies and travel agents with a blend of technology for an ideal robust distribution network.
  • Excellence– Our one-stop technology excellence center covers a wide range of travel solutions for a perfect marketplace. Our Single-Sign-On enables our partners to connect with Consolidator to Resellers and Resellers to Consolidators.
  • Global Presence– We are delivering technology since 2000 and offices in Canada, UK, India, Sri Lanka and Australia. Global delivery center in India.
  • Our People– We have a team of 350 travel technology enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring new verticals of travel technology and distribution model.
  • Standard– We are committed to delivering the highest standards.

Who we serve?

Our products and services are designed to fulfill a need for a content source and distribution solution for travel consolidators, retail travel agencies, corporates and Home-based travel agents. Single Sign-on empowers our customers to automate their distribution and settlement with end to end management taken care of by us. 

Why ClaritySSO?

Our platform provides access to a unique marketplace for consolidators, travel agencies and home base agents. Cross-region contents are being exchanged and sold out with the help of robust self-managed tools. Support and flexibility to any content type or source. We manage end to end distribution and operations for our customers and partners.




Travel Agencies


Travel Agents