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Direct Flights To Canada From Orlando Sanford International Airport-Nonstop Flights Debut In October

Direct Flights from Orlando Sanford International Airport to Canada will restart at the end of October, surviving the COVID-19 pandemic that reduced air travel to a virtual halt in 2020. 

Orlando Sanford International Airport will soon have nonstop flights to the Great White North on Swoop, a Canadian LCC.  

According to a June 16 press release, Swoop, which bills itself as an “ultra low-fare airline,” will begin service to Toronto, Hamilton, and Edmonton from October 9 onwards. During November, trips to Hamilton and Edmonton will be offered.

According to Bert van der Stege, Swoop’s head of commercial and finance, “Aside from Swoop’s exceptional service, Canadian travellers and residents searching for a simple and comfortable airport experience while travelling between Central Florida and towns in lovely Canada will appreciate SFB Airport’s new significant terminal upgrades.”

Flair Airlines will begin operating flights to Canada at the end of October, the airline said on July 8th. Since August, this is the second Canadian low-cost airline announcing plans for an autumn start at a Florida airport in Seminole County’s north part of town.

According to Flair, which is also in Edmonton, direct flights from Sanford to Montreal and Toronto will begin as early as October 31, 2015. Sanford’s airport would now have three airlines serving it. Since 2005, Allegiant Air, based in Las Vegas, has operated direct flights from the Sanford airport to smaller communities around the United States.

Orlando Sanford International Airport was chosen for a purpose, according to airport spokesperson Lauren Rowe. And, he said, “As it is well known that we’re located in the Orlando metropolitan region, Our airport is more efficient, and travellers enjoy a better experience.”

Tui airline, which operates flights from Sanford to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, is presently awaiting resumption of service to Europe because of the increasing COVID variations in that region.

In 2019, 3.3 million passengers passed through the Sanford airport’s gates. And that’s a rise of about 6.3 percent from last year and 93% from 2009 when the airport handled just over one-and-a-half million passengers.

However, because of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, the airport’s aviation traffic was almost shut down last year, with 1.5 million people using it.

Recent months have seen an increase in air travel as more people go to the sky. The Sanford airport handled 186,019 passengers last April. Statistics show that the number of passengers had increased by 48 times from April 2020, when there were just 3870. Despite this, the airport had over 300,000 passengers in April of this year.

In a written statement, Tom Nolan, president and chief executive officer of the Sanford Airport Authority, said: “Orlando Sanford International Airport is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.” Because of these flights, Canadian visitors and local people can take advantage of everything Canada offers.

New gates, baggage carousels, parking spots and an outside canopy made it simpler for travellers to be dropped off by friends or family members at the airport after a $62-million expansion and refurbishment project was finished at Sanford International Airport in Florida.

The president and CEO of Flair Airlines, Stephen Jones, says Canadians don’t have to rack up debt or save for months in order to enjoy flying to or from Sanford during the cold months.

It’ll cost $79 to $109 to fly one way to Sanford on the Flair Airlines schedule. A total of 26 Canadian and American cities are now serviced by the airline.

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