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It’s Special For Southampton City! Take-off Of The First British Airways Flight

British Airways flights from Southampton airport flew towards the sky for the first time. BA2927 took off from Southampton airport, connected to Faro on Saturday (May 29), around 3.19 PM. Southampton is said to be one of the historic and dynamic cities located in the south of England. The BA2927 is the first flight in an “exciting” new schedule for British Airways flights serving this green city from Eastleigh airport.

England’s south coast with popular vacation destinations in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Greece will see British Airways flights. Henceforth, British Airways flights can now directly connect to those nations under the new agreement with Southampton Airport. 

The new agreement states that it is set to operate to 12 locations which means the airline can serve upto 18 flights each weekend. Some of these locations include Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Germany and Spain. 

Also, airline industry analysis says that Faro will include travel destinations Alicante, Berlin, Edinburgh, Florence, Ibiza, Malaga, Nice, and Newcastle, which is the most exciting addition.

“This Is A Special Day”

Rachel Riley – BA CityFlyer’s Head of Commercial, on the 30th of May at Southampton Airport, declared that “The launch of today’s operation from Southampton is an exciting extension of our service, as we welcome more customers back on board.”

She also added in her statement that “Families have been isolated from their dear ones abroad, and companies have suffered & overall, it was said to be a special day for several people. Furthermore, we know that our clients haven’t been able to take the breaks abroad that they’ve needed.”

Matt Hazelwood, Group Commercial Director at AGS Airports Ltd, said it was “A fantastic day for Southampton.”

Also, she said that as per airline industry analysis “We were absolutely excited to see Faro, the first of BA CityFlyer’s 12 destinations from Southampton, that took off to the skies, and we are also sure the route will prove much popular this summertime.

“British Airways dedication to delivering connectivity for Southampton and more popular destinations including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, France, and Germany. These destinations will be very much embraced by our passengers presently that the safe restart of the international trip has started.” 

According to the airline, customers who travel with British Airways will be able to travel with peace of mind, as BA has introduced an array of safety standards to make the travel time “simple and safe” while now and post-pandemic. It has been taken into consideration as the Covid-19 safety priority. 

The cabin crew was wearing PPE, provided hand sanitiser and regularly advised all passengers about safety measures like wearing face masks.

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