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A Synopsis On Conditions For Licensing Canadian and USA Travel Agents

The provinces Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia, have distinct regulations for selling travel. In a nutshell, this indicates that if you are a travel agent who manages the business in any of these provinces or if you market to any inhabitants of those provinces, you should comply with the regulations of each province.


Conditions For Licensing Travel Agents In The US

The authorizing necessities in the US for travel planners isn’t a very remarkable authorizing measure. There are no training or capability measures required. Instead, you would need to complete a straightforward form, pay a fee, and begin selling travel in the USA. There are specific states anyway that have their person “Sellers Of Travel Requirements.” These states are California, Florida, Iowa, Washington, and Hawaii. We will take a gander at the individual permitting prerequisites for those later on in this article for those hoping to exchange travel products and administrations in any of those 5 states. 


Conditions For Licensing Travel Agents In Canada 

Selling travel lawfully in Canada isn’t as natural as in the US, particularly so for those living in the Province of Ontario. Travel agents that sell travel products and administrations in Ontario should be enrolled travel agents from the Travel Industry Council Of Ontario (TICO) or partnered with an enrolled individual from TICO. There are two unique sorts of TICO enlistment prerequisites. In case you are hoping to begin your own travel service, you should finish the TICO application, capability, preparation and enrollment cycle to acquire a TICO enlistment number. If you are looking just to sell travel, you should initially finish the TICO Exam and join a TICO-enrolled travel service.


The fundamental needs for Travel Agents and Agencies In Ontario

  1. All Travel Agencies operating in BC must be TICO registered with concerned TICO numbers to engage or host travel agents.
  2. All representatives of a specific Travel Agency selling or giving information for travel services must attend the TICO Exam.

In order to attend the TICO Exam, make sure that you first download and see the TICO education standard manual. This manual presents you with a list of regulations, guidelines, and protocols you need to comprehend when selling travel in Ontario. Once you have finished the manual, which should not take much time, you should enrol for an exam at one of the established centres. You can see a list of forthcoming exams on the ACTA (Association Of Canadian Travel Agents) site. The program registration fee is only $35, and there are a few programs/courses you can choose from. The combined programs might be worth about $50. For example, you can either take the Travel Agent’s course or, if you have and can prove proficiency in the industry, relish the travel agent course. 


 Conditions For Licensing Travel Agencies In British Columbia

In order to establish a travel agency in British Columbia, you are expected to take a travel insurance exam for a fee of $225 per year by the Insurance Council of British Colombian. That authorizing will be bound to the Agency, and each agent will be obliged to attend the exam now and then persevere by practising a 2-hour course every year. A 2-year gap in his business will claim the Travel Agency to start the process from scratch.


There are some added fees and certification provisions for travel agents residing in British Columbia.

– One should enrol with the BC Corporate Registry

– One should enrol with Consumer Protection BC

In case you are a host agent operating under an umbrella Travel Agency located in British Columbia, you should appeal for a franchise of your host agency in British Columbia.


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