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The Latest Green List Could Shake Up The Travel Industry

The travel industry has reacted negatively to the most recent updating of the UK’s green list for arrivals.

Canada was one of many countries to be included on the safe list when its borders were opened to citizens of Denmark, Finland, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Switzerland, and the Azores.

Further travel traffic light modifications will be revealed in the coming weeks as part of the government’s intention to revamp the current system of green and amber classifications in place with a new system, according to sources.

Vaccinated travellers would no longer need to be quarantined if they travelled to nations whose vaccination levels are on par with those in the UK.

Information suggests that the “red” designation for nations that the government’s advice should not be visited will continue. As of now, visitors should avoid visiting red nations “unless in the most severe of situations,” and those who return from them must spend 10 days in a government-approved accommodation because of the restrictions.

According to the reports, the government has invited top members of the travel industry to come up with ideas for international travel that would replace the present traffic light system.

This travel traffic light system was created to prevent infection by informing people about the severity of the Covid spread in various nations.

Industry leaders want the requirement of returning to the UK for Covid testing removed, claiming that it discourages customers from booking because of the expense.

This would align the UK with most of the European Union, which does not need Covid testing for vaccinated travellers inside the EU.

According to the heads of the travel industry, an increase in confidence is critical to enticing tourists and vacationers to book and travel again.

However, sources claim that modifications might be implemented soon. The third government assessment of foreign travel is scheduled for release on October 1st.

Leaders in the travel industry want adjustments made as soon as possible because the furlough plan expires on 30th September and thousands of workers in the travel industry are still covered by the payment assistance programme.

They think that loosening the travel restrictions will cause a spike on reservations, protecting furloughed workers’ employment.

According to an industry insider, removing PCR testing for vaccinated passengers is mandatory to match with what the rest of Europe is doing and to stop being an anomaly.

People in the travel business think they are amid a “perfect storm.” This summer should have been the great reopening of travel, as it has been domestically, but it wasn’t because of the emphasis on the most complicated and costly testings.

British Airways CEO Sean Doyle urged that the Covid testing and quarantine system be modified. Also, he commented, “Though the travel traffic light system that was in place during the summer had expected development, I believe it is unsuitable for its intended function. It must be streamlined and changed as in Europe and the United States.”

According to industry experts, the Chief Scientific Officer and Health Secretary should sign off on suggestions to implement policy changes.

“Decisions on our traffic light system are kept under frequent review and are guided by the current hazard analysis from the Joint Bio-security Center and broader public health concerns”, a government official said.

More individuals will want to travel overseas now that many European locations have been offered. If the government and regulator do not act quickly to solve the problems around the overextended and untrustworthy private testing regime, it may disrupt many more travellers’ vacation plans and keep their wallets useless.

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