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Mongolia Welcomes New International Airport

Mongolia Welcomes New International Airport 2021: The New Ulaanbaatar International Airport has now officially operated as Chinggis Khaan International Airport in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar and is officially opened to the public on the 4th of July, 2021. As recent travel industry news, a new international airport opening in Ulaanbaatar trends around the industry is expected to provide a considerable rise to trade and tourism.

The new airport will be operated by a joint venture created by Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA), Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd. (JAT), and JALUX Inc. (JALUX) alongside the Mongolian authorities.

The New Ulaanbaatar International Airport (NUBIA) will be in control of the airport operations for the following 15 years, under the terms of its concession agreement. During the airport opening ceremony, the Mongolian President Ukhnna Khurelsukh said, “The new airport is likely expected to play a significant role in increasing economic growth in the future, which is anticipated to accommodate a capacity of three million passengers a year.” All commercial domestic and international flights will begin to use the new airport.

The new Ulaanbaatar International Airport has been initially scheduled to begin its operations in 2020 itself, but the opening has been delayed due to the unexpected crisis of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic has caused an abrupt change in the travel industry, travel and cargo demand are projected to rise in the long term. 

From the other airports in Mongolia, Buoyant – Ukhaa International Airport is the majorly serving international airport in Ulaanbaatar, handling passenger traffic of around 1.61 million in 2019. This record of passenger traffic includes 1.2 million for international routes and 410,000 for domestic flight routes. All properties from the Buyant Ukhaa International Airport have been safely moved to the new airport, thereby setting up the brand new airport for aircraft and passenger visitors. It is located 50 kilometers southwest of Ulaanbaatar and covers an area of about 54,000 square meters. The airport owns a 3,600-meter extended runway area and six boarding gates, among which five of the gates are for international flights, and one is for domestic flights operations.

Ulaanbaatar is the Capital city of Mongolia and also the center of its political and economic activities. Although the Covid-19 crisis has significantly reduced air travel in Mongolia, demand for flights is anticipated to rise over the medium to long duration, especially in Ulaanbaatar.

In the working of the brand new airport, NUBIA will be benefiting from the united experience of its four shareholders. Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) possesses an excellent track record in airports and other infrastructure projects in Japan and worldwide. In contrast, Narita International Airport Corporation (NAA), Japan Airport Terminal Co. Ltd. (JAT), serves Narita International Airport and the customer terminal buildings at Haneda Airport sequentially. JALUX Inc. is involved in the airport retail businesses and has experience handling overseas operations of airports.

To prioritize passenger’s convenience, safety, and protection, NUBIA has ideas to expand the Chinggis Khaan International Airport with an increase of new routes and flights servicing Ulaanbaatar, improve commercial terminal facilities or enhance the new airport’s services and profitability.


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