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Great News For The Travel Industry: Steady Increase In Air Travel!

The corona pandemic has prompted a standstill in global air travel. Many publications and experts predicted that the future of the travel industry would be jeopardized. However, after vaccines were developed and many safety regulations were put in place, global air travel increased as the pandemic severity was reduced.

Since travel restrictions were eased, statistics have shown a steady increase in the number of air travelers. More people want to get out of the house and take a trip far from home. As a result, there is a significant increase in the number of people choosing air travel than expected. 

At this pace, it’s possible that, by mid-summer, global air travel could be back to where it was in 2019 before the impact of Covid-19. This comes flouting some experts’ predictions, which stated that it would take until 2022 before returning to normal. Nevertheless, it is unquestionably positive news for the future of the travel industry following the severe impact of Covid-19.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported two new post-pandemic records last month. In June, the single busiest travel day was recorded as well as the busiest four-day, Thursday-to-Sunday period since the virus hit over 15 months ago.

 On Sunday, June 27, the TSA processed 2,167,380 passengers at airports across the United States, the single most significant day since March 5, 2020, when 2,198,517 people went through security. This was 11 days before the date widely accepted as the start of the global air travel shutdown.

Furthermore, the TSA has a new four-day, Thursday-through-Friday, post-pandemic record from the June weekend. From June 24 to the 27th night, 8,308,996 people went through security. That is over 205,000 passengers more than the previous four-day post-pandemic record of 8,103,682 sets the week before from June 17-20. And it was 189,302 passengers more than the week before from June 10-13, when 7,914,380 flew.

So, are these records comparable to the record-breaking year of 2019? Well, 10,442,613 people flew during the same period two years ago, June 24-27. That is a 21.5 percent increase over the previous weekend.

We can get a fair estimate for the coming months based on the current travel trends after the impact of Covid-19 to reach the 2019 numbers. Considering the graph of global air travel these weeks, there will be approximately 200,000 more passengers per week over the remaining weekends of summer until Labour Day, which will bring the total number of passengers to that of 2019. That is even four months before the end of the year. This favorable impact of air transport on the tourism industry will undoubtedly benefit the travel industry.


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