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Once International Borders Reopen, Passengers May Face Huge Delays, Claims IATA

Industry Experts warn that customers might face extensive eight-hour delays in processing when outbound travel completely reopens if governments do not give a green light on a global digital standard for COVID-19 immunization and testing results.

The Director General of IATA, Willie Walsh, states that Governments must also be equipped with methods to digitally manage the vaccine or test certificates—assuring that a competent restart is suitable.

Technical solutions exist, and governments must comply with digital certification standards and follow methods to accept them as fast as possible. However, unless digital processes are used to maintain travel health credentials (COVID-19 testing & vaccine records) and additional COVID-19 standards are utilized, the consequences will be critical.

Travelers spent around 1.5 hours traveling on average for every trip with check-in, safety, border check, customs, and baggage claim. 

Nonetheless, IATA cautions that prevailing data suggests that airport processing times have expanded to 3 hours during peak time, with travel volumes of only approximately 30 percent of the pre-COVID-19 scenario. It asserts that the most significant advances are at check-in and border check, where travel health credentials are being monitored mainly as records. 

The time consumed in airport processes after countries open for tourism without quarantine might take upto 5.5 hours per trip at 75 percent of pre-COVID-19 traffic levels and 8 hours per trip at 100 percent pre-COVID-19 traffic levels.IATA says that travelers desire to travel, and the global traveler numbers are expected to reach 52 percent of pre-COVID-19 levels in 2019, and that number will increase to 88 percent in 2022 and 102 percent in 2023.

The Director General of IATA, suggests that we should always be optimistic about aviation though we are stuck in our history’s most and gravest crisis. The rapidly increasing population vaccinated and progress in testing will return the privilege to travel in the days ahead. If that happens, people around the globe are going to desire to explore the world. The critical challenge is countries reopening borders, dropping quarantine measures, and digitally controlling vaccination/testing certificates. In addition, we need to ensure the world that the travel industry’s long-term growth outlooks are supported with a steadfast dedication to sustainability. The difficulties require governments and the travel industry to work in companionship. Travel is ready, but unfortunately, governments are not moving fast enough.

The experts say that any chance for countries reopening borders adheres to an instantaneous surge in bookings. The global economy is powerful and can feed progress in travel.  

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