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Post-Pandemic Trends – Google Exposed New Data of Pent-Up Travel Demand

Google has revealed figures on how desperate travelers are looking forward to traveling again. Since after a straight year, it’s no surprise that there is a pent-up demand due to covid for travel. A half of Covid-19 restrictions still hold most travelers to stay back home. But recent data from Google exposed just how far the extent of this demand is and what precisely the travelers want most in this new era.

Recent travel insights 2021 from Google have revealed how desperate customers can travel again. The company says search demand for travel increased 270% in May 2021 than May 2020, and the number is likely to rise even more.


Travel Search Demand Is Up

Unsurprisingly, search terms like “can I travel” have surged to more than 800% in the last month alone. While “travel to” and “hotel booking app” have increased more than 100%. Businesses are also winning momentum. Activities have also seen immense growth, with the term “rentals near” seeing global growth of 100% year on year. Top searches in this category include travelers showing interest in services like kayak rentals, bike rentals, and boat rentals near me.


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When the pandemic is over, 57% of travelers hope to travel more, and they expect travel bookings to surge more flexibly in terms of convenience, penalty-free changes, and cancelations.

According to Google, the Millennials and the Gen-Z generations or NextGen are the most eager to travel again. These Next-Generation travelers account for more than half of all Americans and a whopping $ 350 billion spending power in the U.S. In addition to reliable service and reputation, these travelers are looking for comfort (47 percent), convenience (41 percent), and good reviews (41 percent).

These generations are also looking for unique experiences, with 43% wanting “new to me” experiences. However, next-generation travelers aren’t necessarily loyal, as they’re 1.6 times less likely to belong to an airline loyalty program and almost twice as likely to book a hotel room through a loyalty program.

In 2021, the travel expert Google has identified three keywords that are clicking with Next-Gen travelers that include “escape and relax” (52%), “budget-friendly” (38%), and “adventurous” (38%). Overall, keywords like “relaxing” (51%), “new to me” (40%) and “stress-free” (41%) are attracting all generation travelers.

Considering the Covid-19, travelers are attracted to keywords like “safety” (59%), “flexible” (56%) and “full control” (56%).

The fact that travel is emerging is excellent news for the industry, but providing flexibility and uplifting these travel trends will be essential for travel companies and brands hoping to stand out from the competition.

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