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Welcome Travel Agents!

If you are an experienced travel agent or new to the travel industry and looking to start your own business, then you are in the right place. We offer a network of host travel agencies to choose from or are already associated with, starting as a home-based travel agent.

All host travel agency agents are permitted to avail the benefits of the booking engine with innovative features of low fare search & book, fraud & risk assessment, auto ticketing & schedule change management and payment gateway. We help to lead your career as a successful home based travel agent with a single-sign-on.

Career as a Home Based Travel Agent

Career as a Home Based Travel Agent is just like an inspiration turning to an opportunity. If you are passionate about exploring and love interacting with new people, then becoming a travel agent is the best fit for you. You must be thinking about how difficult it is to start, require a particular qualification and experience in travel industry? What would be the overall investment? After I start, how do I get business and how much am I going to earn?

Becoming a home based travel agent is one of the easy and rewarding opportunities. You do not require any special qualification or travel industry experience. It does not require any investment as you can start from your home. Once you are thinking of expanding your business, you always have the flexibility to change it to a travel agency model. You must be passionate about travel and learn about the travel industry. We let you start with just a single click. Your friends, family, and colleagues network could be the preferred customers/market to start.

Travel is one of the fastest-growing industries as every individual travel for various reasons – Be it a family vacation, business trip, or solo trip gives you enough flexibility to choose a vertical and grow as a specialized travel agent. You may require specific licenses depending upon your local law and geography to sell travel services based on the business and customer location. Clarity SSO simplifies & brings you the proper support by skipping all the licenses and complexities by letting you start as a Host Travel Agency Agent.

list icon Control your working hours and schedule

list icon Limited or no commuting

list icon Create your professional environment

list icon Earn while you learn

Does any of the above reasons boost your interest? Then becoming a travel agent and choosing it as a career or business is best for you. We make it effortless to manage your customer’s queries or booking support once you start as a Host Agency Travel Agent. Searching and finding the best host travel agency is easy. You can choose your existing host travel agency or join a host travel agency out of the ClaritySSO network.

Getting Started as a Host Travel Agency Agent

It is always easy to start as a Host Travel Agency Agent rather than becoming an Individual Travel Agent. As host agencies offer free training & support, industry expertise, and booking management tools, ensuring protection against errors or omissions makes you concentrate on sales and generate revenue for your business.

Key Benefits

Start Your Own Business

Start your own business and be a part of the most profitable business of selling travel-related services. No travel knowledge required.

No Investment

We do not charge any membership or joining fee. Access to our tools and application is free.

High Commissions

We offer the best commission across the industry.


No mandatory work hours. Work from your home with the ease of your comfort. Be your own boss.

Free Support

We offer free training and give access to knowledge bank with robotic tool access for any queries. Additionally, we also support 24/7 in handling your customers’ post-sales for any queries.

Additional Benefits - Host Travel Agency Agents

  • list icon Access to Global Market Fares Net Fares and discounted fares across the globe on one platform.
  • list icon We offer a variety of travel products from suppliers on one platform.
  • list icon You can mark up your commission.
  • list icon Robust booking tool with mobile compatibility, serve from anywhere.
  • list icon All in one place. Sell Flight, Hotels, Dynamic Packages & Travel Insurance.
  • list icon Access to a wide range of LCCs, NDC, and Major Airlines.
  • list icon Access to all fare types – published, net, or discounted fares, and price yourself. We do not charge any markup or fee.
  • list icon Access to payment gateway with the flexibility to charge in multiple forms.
  • list icon Support multi-currency and multilingual.

  • list icon 24/7 customer support to handle any booking complexity.
  • list icon Upgrade option to Travel Agency with free training and guidance.
  • list icon Free technical support, a Free website, and ready to sell online.
  • list icon Get a bonus for every sale made through the referring and earn program.
  • list icon Instant launch for your travel business as soon as you register. 
  • list icon IATA accredited host travel agency network. 
  • list icon Freedom from the administrative work, including accounting.
  • list icon Flexible working hours with an ease of your comfort.
  • list icon Marketing support to build your brand, including social media visibility.
  • list icon End-to-end automation for ticketing, exchanges and modifications.
  • list icon Best commissions across the industry with a flexible pay cycle to choose.

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