Slidewith Access to Global Content on a Single Sign on Platform Increase your Host Agency Sales


Clarity single-sign-on enables your agents to access Air Consolidators across the globe and their pricing of Low-Cost Carriers and Major Airlines supporting all GDS’s with Direct NDC’S, Airline NDC’S and Net & Branded Fares. Instant High commission payout, which your travel agents will love, and all commission paid directly to head office. We offer 24/7 support for your agents. Choosing us makes you competitive and profitable, with access to global fares right at your fingertips.

“Everything that a Host Agency Needs to be successful. Your Agent's Success is your Success”

A market place for “Host Agency Independent Agents” to get global content for low-cost carriers and major airlines. We offer Net Fares and Published Fares from Consolidators across the globe with one single sign on.

ClaritySSO Offerings

  • list icon No monthly access fees.

  • list icon Fully automated self service tool with lowest net fare

  • list icon One Single Sign On platform and access to suppliers across the globe. No need to worry about multiple websites with different logins and passwords.

  • list icon Get access to air consolidators across the globe and their fantastic low airfares with low-cost carriers and major scheduled airlines.

  • list icon You will have access to net fares, branded fares, published fares and NDC fares.

  • list icon Training & 24/7 customer support
  • list icon Auto handling of ticketing for new, modified & exchanged bookings.

  • list icon Instant High Commission Payout and on time. Unlike others we do not wait for your client to travel or until they return from their trip.

  • list icon Commission paid directly to head office.

  • list icon Support for you is available FREE 24X7. Something not gone as planned? No problem we are here to help.

  • list icon We offer Flights, Hotels, Bundle Packages and Travel Insurance. We are continuing to add new travel products so sign up to stay tuned!

  • list icon Access to ancillaries to cross-sell to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

Key Benefits

Enrich Inventory

You get access to increase your inventories and opportunity for sales by acquiring content across multiple suppliers to enhance your offerings.

Fraud Prevention

Our robust API detects credit card fraud and “We Guarantee No Credit Card Charge Back due to Fraud”.

Geographical Expansion

A platform to connect with global suppliers. Opportunity to target domestic and international customers with increased opportunities for revenue.

Integrated Content API

Integrate exclusive API content into your booking website for your clients to enjoy booking 24/7

Diversification Content

We offer content like net fares, discounted fares, published fares for all type of travel segments Flights, Car Rentals, Hotels, Dynamic Packages and Insurance for your online and offline modules.

Agency Management

Complete booking and operational management solution. Automate your travel agency processes. Optimize your cost, increase productivity, and quality.

Profit Maximization

We empower your agency to access global cheaper fares with end to end solution of agency management tools with business intelligence support and analysis to increase your sales and profit.

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