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ClarityTTS and Emirates Airline Advance Air Travel with New Distribution Capability

Clarity Travel Technology Solutions (ClarityTTS), a global leader in providing travel technologies, has partnered with Emirates Airline to extend the airline’s online presence to retail partners and allow the airline’s brand to be integrated into ClarityTTS’ trading platforms. In today’s highly competitive market, it is imperative that airlines partner with technology companies with travel tech expertise. The union of Emirates Airline and ClarityTTS is the best example of this. ClarityTTS, known for incorporating integrated systems seamlessly, will be able to achieve this goal with its new distribution capability. IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) enables airlines to better sell and market the products. A further advantage of this system is that it lets airlines also sell their ancillary products (e.g. pre-assigned seats, lounge access, baggage fees, etc.).

Clarity Travel Technology Solutions, continues to demonstrate its expertise in the field of travel technology by securing a partnership with Emirates Airline. With our strong mobile and business-to-business strategy, and well-planned and cost-effective Application Programming Interface (API), our clients could maximize their profits while staying ahead of the competition. According to Thava Tharmaligam, CEO of Clarity Travel Technology Solutions, “This news couldn’t have come at a better time.”. He continued that by connecting travel trade partners with Emirates Airline NDC content and providing them with the ability to book and ticket, ClaritySSO is able to help them do business the right way. Increase revenue with one simple integration. To book Emirates NDC fares immediately, travel partners can join Clarity’s Travel Marketplace at www.claritysso.com.

In partnership with Emirates Airline, the IATA-certified Level 4 New Distribution Capability Distribution (NDC) Aggregator plans on bringing its seamless systems and global customer base to the second-largest airline in the Middle East, advancing the airline to greater success and travel satisfaction.

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Clarity Travel Technology Solutions Inc. is a global travel technology provider with offices in United States, United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. Known around the world, the company has been a leading technology supplier to the travel industry for over eight years. For more information please visit our website (www.claritytts.com).

About Emirates Airline

Award-winning airline Emirates provides industry-leading services in the air and on the ground. Airbus A380s are among the most popular widebody aircraft types, offering the latest onboard amenities. Boeing 777s are among the world’s most popular widebody aircraft types. Over 130 cities on six continents are connected to and through Emirates’ hub in Dubai. Moreover, as a prominent sponsor of sports and cultural events around the world, the airline contributes to a vibrant community.

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