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Hawaii Waived Off Covid-19 Testing For Vaccinated Travelers

Hawaii has officially lifted its pre-travel covid-19 testing and quarantine requirement, If a domestic traveler has been wholly vaccinated for Covid-19 in the United States. This is a significant change for isolated Hawaii, which has had the most stringent Covid-19 restrictions of any state.

Hawaii’s 10-day obligatory self-quarantine for all trans-Pacific travelers remains in effect, although additional exceptions are now available because of Hawaii’s high vaccination rate. In addition, travelers entering the state from the United States and its Territories who have been adequately vaccinated in the United States (including its Territories) are exempt from quarantine.


Traveler to-dos

The travelers are requested to submit the immunization record paperwork to the Safe Travels website or printed it out before departure with a physical copy in hand when arrival in Hawaii. The State of Hawaii will also accept digitally certified vaccination records through Digital Health Pass Partners. Visitors who have been wholly immunized in Hawaii are already qualified for this exemption.

Visitors who have not been wholly vaccinated or want to avoid quarantine must show a negative pre-travel test result from a Covid-19 test done from a Trusted Hawaii Testing Partners or Travel Partners no more than 72 hours before commencing the last part of their journey. In addition, all flight travelers entering the islands must have a negative result for the Covid test for Hawaii separately done by the trusted Hawaii testing partners. Anyone who does not have a negative test result or a U.S. immunization record before travelling must quarantine themselves upon arrival.


People Allowed

Travelers from other U.S. states, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Tahiti, and Taiwan, may avoid Hawaii’s obligatory 10-day quarantine on most islands by adhering to rigorous pre-travel testing guidelines.

Otherwise, Hawaii is following the recommendations of the CDC. Therefore, it is refusing entrance in the last 14days to individuals who are in Brazil, China, the European Schengen Area, Iran, India, Ireland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Travelers from all other countries must quarantine for ten days. As the situation evolves, it is necessary to monitor the Safe Travels Hawaii website for travel updates.

All visitors must also fill out a Safe Travels Hawaii form, and many will have to take a health test upon arrival. In addition, a second Covid-19 test by Trusted Hawaii Testing Partners on arrival is necessary to some islands.


Restrictions still in place

All intercounty travel restrictions were abolished on June 15, implying that no pre-travel testing or quarantining is required for travel between the Hawaiian islands. As far as the Hawaii travel restrictions children are concerned, all tourists above 18 must register themselves on the Safe Travels Hawaii website as soon as their tickets are booked.

Some regulations may differ from island to island. However, masks are no longer needed outside statewide. When in a big gathering outside, wearing a mask is highly suggested. And the requirement to wear an indoor mask remains unaltered.

Other adjustments that have gone into effect include: 

  • Limits on social gatherings are increased to 25 persons within and 75 people outside.
  • Restaurants may boost capacity by up to 75%, with maximum group sizes of 25 inside and 75 outside.
  • There are no commercial, recreational boating limitations, but restaurant rules apply if there is food and drinks served.

In a recent announcement to the travel news industry, Gov. David Ige stated they are near to attaining a vaccination rate of 70%. At that point, all restrictions would be lifted, and people will resume their lives as they remember before. The authorities are working hard to make Hawaii travel safe. Check the Hawaii tourism website for all its travel updates on all new Hawaii travel packages to check in soon.


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