SlideLCC & Major Airlines Direct NDC'S Private & Net Fares


Clarity single-sign-on empowers the travel agencies to get access to the global content of LCC’S, Major Airlines supporting all GDS’S with Direct NDC’S, Airline NDC’S, Net & Branded Fares. Choosing us makes you competitive and profitable with ease of selling with addons of operations management tools.

Everything a Travel Agency Needs

A market place for travel agencies to get global content for low-cost carriers and major airlines. Enable publish and net fares booking engine with operations management.

ClaritySSO Offerings

key benifit
  • list icon A single platform to allow businesses to access multiple suppliers or NDC content.
  • list icon The most advanced and adopted platform for future NDC distribution.
  • list icon Integrate and get fare access to various markets across the globe under single sign-on.
  • list icon Serve your customers with confidence by getting access to Flight, Car, Hotel & Dynamic Packages content.
  • list icon Get access to LCC and Major Airlines both.
  • list icon Freedom to sell online and offline.
  • list icon Get access to special, discounted, net, unpublished & published fares
  • list icon 24/7 free technical support
key benifit
  • list icon Enhanced inventory and fare access from multiple GDS and Supplier for your website result page.
  • list icon Unique & optimized combinations of segments for a cheaper fare.
  • list icon Itinerary combinations for seamless adoption as per traveler needs.
  • list icon Enhanced filters and displays to increase engagement and conversions.
  • list icon Access to fare families fares type and fare rules.
  • list icon Flexibility to upgrades and add-ons.
  • list icon Access to ancillaries to cross-sell to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.
  • list icon Flexibility to switch or set priority between GDS, Supplier to maximize profit.
  • list icon Mark up management based on GDS, Supplier, Cabin, Pax, Duration & Itinerary wise.
  • list icon Special price verification and re-pricing before confirmation to reduce flight failure or sold out issues.
  • list icon Support multi-language and multi-currency
key benifit
  • list icon Access to internet booking engine tools making ease to book offline.
  • list icon Graphic and user-friendly interphase with easily operated by Non- GDS trained.
  • list icon Mark up recommendations to ensure competitiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • list icon Auto calculates base fare, taxes, fare change, re-price, penalty, currency conversions, card fee, markups, etc. No manual intervention required.
  • list icon Queue and SLA management.
  • list icon Access to modification, cancelations & exchange modules.
  • list icon Auto handling of ticketing for new, modified & exchanged bookings.
  • list icon Access to price/ itinerary quote share module.
  • list icon Defined or Customized functions for various emails modules (Card Declines, Booking Failure, Confirmation, Schedule Changes, etc.)
  • list icon Alert for schedule changes and auto emails to customers.
  • list icon One single charge with multi-currency
  • list icon Inbuilt multi gateway & EMI option.
  • list icon Upgrades and Cross-sell.
  • list icon Fraud & Chargeback prevention support.
  • list icon We ensure quality to nullify airline debit memos.
key benifit
  • list icon Various BI reports with focused deep analysis of segments
  • list icon Frequent flier data management.
  • list icon Customized DMS tool to enhance revenue and have marketing support successful.
  • list icon Boost your metasearch presence
  • list icon Know the best performing routes, fares, airlines, and recommendations.
  • list icon A tool to handle disputes & chargebacks.
  • list icon Quality support for all of your manual processes.
  • list icon A tool to handle accounts payable and receivable.
  • list icon Tool for the customer loyalty program
  • list icon Integration to manage my booking (MMB) and booking dashboard for customers.
  • list iconA tool to automate marketing communication (Emails, Promotions, etc.)

Key Benefits

Enrich Inventory

Increase your inventories and opportunity for sales by acquiring content across multiple suppliers.

Geographical Expansion

We offer a platform to connect with global suppliers. Opportunity to target domestic and international customers with increased opportunities for revenue.

Diversification Content

We offer content like net fares, discounted fares, published fares for all type of travel segments Flights, Car Rentals, Hotels, Dynamic Packages and Insurance for your online and offline modules.

Agency Management

Complete booking and operational management solution. Automate your travel agency processes. Optimize your cost, increase productivity, and quality.

Profit Maximization

We empower your agency to access global cheaper fares with end to end solution of agency management tools with business intelligence support and analysis to increase your sales and profit.





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