SlideSelf Managed Content Distribution With Single Sign On


Clarity single-sign-on empowers the consolidators to manage their distribution by self-managed tools and technology. Increase your sales and reach by clarity sourcing content to clarity network. We distribute securely by ensuring fraud and charge-back prevention along with ticketing and exchanges in-built automation.

Everything a Travel Consolidator Needs

A market place for travel consolidators for secure distribution and settlement of content globally. Enable end to end management of multi-layer content distribution.

ClaritySSO Offerings

key benifit
  • list icon Allows a supplier to transact securely with any reseller
  • list icon Ensure chargeback, debit memos and fraud prevention
  • list icon Complete support for ticketing/ exchanges/modifications for all the inventories.
  • list icon Full ancillaries support including luggage, seats, meals, and SSR.
  • list icon Fare rules for branded fares and family types.
  • list icon 24/7 support to the reseller for technical and operational issues.
key benifit
  • list icon Allows suppliers/ consolidators to promote their inventories on an automated market place.
  • list icon Easy access to resellers across all geographies.
  • list icon Boost revenue by pairing resellers as per your inventory and their niche.
  • list icon Flexible and support all GDS, Direct NDC & Airline NDC with the latest updates.
  • list icon Free upgrades of service versions and maintenance.
  • list icon Caching and autoload balancing, optimize look to book ratio, optimize cost.
key benifit
  • list icon Back office reports segment and reseller wise.
  • list icon Accounts receivable and payable reports Enhanced version reports for transaction & PNR Life cycle.
  • list icon Predefined and customized BI reports optimizing business revenue.
  • list icon The structured response of fare and fee attributes (Base, Ancillaries, Card Fee, Conversions, markups, etc.)
  • list icon Flexibility in segment or reseller wise commission management.
  • list icon Multi settlement option with multi-currency.
  • list icon Dashboard to update promotional offers for resellers.

Key Benefits

Market Penetration

Increase your market share by connecting with thousands of resellers. A market place with suppliers, travel agencies, home base travel agents.

Market Expansion

We enable the capability to distribute all GDS, Direct NDC, Airline NDC travel content not limited to Flights, Car Rentals, Hotels, Insurance & Dynamic Packages with ease of single-sign-on.

Global Reach

You can connect with resellers globally and maximize your sales and revenue. We take care of the contract management.

Secure Distribution

We manage the distribution end to end from onboarding to distribution. We drive quality and follow stringent distribution policies along with fraud and chargeback prevention.

Easy Settlements

We manage end to end settlements with partners and resellers.





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