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5 Smart Ways to Increase Bookings for Online Travel Agencies!

Do visitors land on your booking page, search for flights, hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, and insurances and then just leave the page without even completing the bookings? 

If your answer is a BIG YES, it’s time to optimize your website for customer centricity, web crawlers, fulfilled digital interaction with the OTA, and a potential long-term relationship with the customers.

Travel is evolving fast day by day, and so is the usage of the internet. As the internet started to streamline multiple processes, Online Travel Agencies took this advantage to benefit their travel business needs. While travel agencies rapidly increase their demand in the industry, we need to deliver innovative strategies to operate a robust online travel booking engine, leveraging quick and responsive web-based resources.

Many OTAs face this problem in the present travel industry, especially as online and mobile capabilities are easier to use. OTAs are forced to upgrade their website with the latest travel technologies in the industry. Many people make travel plans, do comparative research online, and later turn to their travel agents for better advice. Therefore, an online presence is essential for online travel agencies to surge traffic to the website and boost bookings.


Here we will discuss the 5 smart ways to keep the customers in focus and boost bookings for your Online Travel Agencies:

Have A Smart Website Functionality

Unlike other industries, the smart and intuitive search functionality for a travel website remains the most critical element. It may sound basic, but while OTAs incorporate these functionalities, they will leverage important benefits over competitors lagging from a user-friendly website.

At first, you need to design your website to draw customers through high-quality photographs, good descriptions and proper functionality. It will help if the design focuses significantly on services your business provides, such as flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. In terms of smart functionality, your booking engine should include auto-fill in functions, previous search history, and potential sorting options such as location, star rating, pricing or popularity. So it is very important to have an attractive, reliable, and user-friendly website for your Online Travel Agency.


Personalization is the Key

Personalization has become a synonym for online shopping that applies to travel websites as well. Let it be a first-timer or repeat customer to your travel agency website; they always look for a personalized travel experience. The good news is that using these strategies to get a traveler’s booking history will help you offer relevant deals the next time they visit your website. Travelers look for such a curated experience by connecting with human connections, even if it includes communicating through messaging platforms or receiving personalized offers specifically tailored to their desires and requirements. 


Highlight Customer Reviews 

The practice of customers checking the reviews while booking has become more and more common nowadays. Especially in the travel industry, this plays a connecting bridge between the travel agencies and the customers. So highlighting the customer reviews and ratings on your website can be the icing on the cake, improving the possibilities of more conversions on your site. In addition, OTAs who use this principle create a sense of transparency and confidence among individuals to make a booking right away. 


Engage with Social Media

Having an online presence is not just great without engaging social media elements on your travel agency website. Engaging your customers in social media is one of the major sales techniques for travel agencies because people like to brag more about travel on social media. Social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram gain a higher ranking in Google than other content. Posting some special offers via images, videos, and statuses helps motivate potential customers to follow you and increase your travel agency bookings.


Upsell Products 

Recommending additional products or services on travel bookings is the most straightforward way of increasing your travel agency revenue. For example, if your customer is booking a flight seat, offer them extra legroom at a little extra cost.

Add-ons and cross-sells are the immense part of the travel business, and the smartness exactly lies when you grant them to your target audience in the manner that they get attracted towards it. Provide offers that compel them to avail of your services and simultaneously increase your average booking value. Examine what your customers want and utilize travel technology solutions to quickly track and manage exclusive offers and complementary products.


When travel begins to return, constantly increasing sales should be the top priority for any travel business. There is always one single solution – The right travel agency software. Take one step further, check on these top 5 smart ways to increase your OTA bookings and implement them for your business growth. These will positively build interest in your customers to get more engaged with your travel agency business.


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